Handmade in Brisbane, Australia
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Boom Gallery: Manifest

15 September - 09 October

Featuring four contemporary ceramicists,Manifest will be focused around embodied phenomenological notions where the vessel acts as a carrier of memory, emotion, nostalgia, ritual, experience, making and engagement. This will be underpinned by the artists use of mark-making, repetition, form and colour.

Steph Woods Ceramics Art Boom Gallery Victoria

About the Work

Inspired by fuzzy embraces and cold winter nights, Steph Woods’ latest series, ‘Jumper Décor’ captures the feeling of warmth in static clay bodies.

This ongoing series explores sensorial memory by mimicking the appearance of fabric using hand-building techniques, vibrant colours, and repetitive textures. These elements intend to provoke visceral thoughts of beloved knit-wear that we have all undoubtedly possessed. 'Jumper Décor' intends to translate the sensations of warmth and comfort felt while wearing these garments in sculptural form, juxtaposing the cold and rigid material.

In this series, woven fabric is re-imagined through rounded clay bodies constructed with stacked coils, each coil embellished with the imprints of the artist’s fingertips. These indentations force the vessel's layers to fold over one another, simulating a knitted-like texture that covers each vessel. Vibrant colours wrap around each vessel in alternating stripes, chosen to represent a woven garment previously worn by the artist.