Handmade in Brisbane, Australia
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Curatorial & Co. - Darlings Exhibition

30 November - 10 December 2022

Exhibited works question convention in practice, material or result. In order to disrupt the notions upon which the common
ideology of good and bad taste is formed.

Our third iteration of the Darlings Small Works Show is a punchy, contemporary collection of small artworks will be available online and in the gallery from 30 November – 10 December.


About the Work

Explosive taste, iconic colours and distinct candy textures were at the forefront of Woods’ mind when creating the Sugar Vessel Collection. Enticed and intrigued by the sensory experiences derived from the indulgence of sugary delights, Woods playfully explores the unification of food and ceramics.

Sugar Vessel Collection works to evoke fond memories of childhood confectionery favourites and solidifies them in an article of virtu. The collection makes reference to iconic candy forms by combining pastel shades, rigid contours and voluptuous textural elements. Each piece takes on its own traits with a unique colour and form, created using hand building techniques such as coiling and pinching.