Handmade in Brisbane, Australia
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Continuum, 2023

Shown at the Museum of Brisbane's exhibition, Clay: Collected Ceramics.

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Essential Object, 2023

Solo Exhibition shown at the Michael Reid Sydney Gallery.

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Sugar Vessels, 2022

Shown at the Curatorial & Co. exhibition, Darlings.

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Stark Vessels, 2022

50 ceramic artworks created in 4 designs were commissioned by Jardan Furniture and sold in their stores Australia-wide.

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Jumper Décor, 2022

Shown at Boom Gallery in their exhibition, Manifest.

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Festoon Vase, 2022

Showcased in 1000 Vases Paris Exhibition.

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Arc Collection, 2022

A series of 48 works in 5 designs commissioned by SSENSE, a designer fashion and interior design store in Montreal Canada.

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Steph Woods Ceramic Art Pepite Butter Vessels Vases Victoria Melbourne

Butter Collection, 2021

Available now at Pepite Shop.

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Divergent Vessel Series, 2021

Exhibited in ACB Selects Exhibition.

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Tall Butter Vases, 2021

Exhibited in Faux Pas Hosted by Craft Victoria.

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Citrus Juicer, 2021

Exhibited in Future Proof Hosted by Craft Victoria.

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Wicker Collection, 2021

Designed for stores such as Sayers Home.

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Pox Pots, 2010

Displayed in the IMA and Artisan stores.

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