Handmade in Brisbane, Australia
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Welcome to our wholesale program! We are happy to work on many types of projects including those of interior designers, design stores and architects. We can accommodate both small and large orders as well as custom projects. Visit our In Situ page for examples of past projects and in situ images. We accept new applications, which you can find below, and are happy to answer any questions you may have beyond the information provided below. We can be reached via email at stephwoods.studio@gmail.com


Wholesale discount: 50% off retail pricing. For new applicants, email me at stephwoods.studio@gmail.com for next steps. Please allow two business days for a reply.


Steph Woods clay goods are one-of-a-kind stoneware / earthenware editions with variations in glazes depending on the high fire process. Please note that works are unique and not exactly the same due to the firing process and handmade quality. Works are fragile – please handle with care.

All of my pieces are porous and cannot contain liquids due to their matte finish. Please keep oils and other contaminated liquids away from the surface. Water should be avoided, but you are able to spot dab to clean with a dry cloth as it will dry away. I recommend using them as purely decorative items and handling with clean dry hands/a clean cloth. 

Glaze test tiles can be provided upon request, free of charge, but we ask for clients to pay for shipping. I can sent you a digital version of my full colour way palette upon request. Custom glaze colours can be made upon request, however your desired colour is not guaranteed to be available. 


Please allow our approximate 10-16 week turnaround for wholesale orders. Items that are made to order are placed on our production schedule only after the deposit is paid. Our estimates are based on perfect studio and kiln conditions and is subject to change should an unforeseeable circumstance arise. All orders are assigned an estimated ship date upon receiving payment and are updated throughout the production process.